Helping Students Stay Healthy Inside and Out

At Bartram Academy, we care about the chemicals kids are exposed to, both in their environment and in what they eat. That’s why all of our food is organic, all natural, and either fresh or fresh-frozen. You won’t find any high fructose corn syrup, dyes, or partially hydrogenated oils in the food at our St. Johns preschool, which is not something many schools can say. This combats childhood obesity and all the issues that come with it, such as depression and low self-esteem.

Some of our practices involving sustainability in childcare include making our own all-natural sanitizing solution and using green cleaning products. There’s a reason why we scored an “Outstanding” with the Children’s Environmental Health Network—we take caring for the earth seriously. You can bet we recycle and teach our students to do the same. Our efforts were rewarded in 2013 with the Green Business of the Year recognition from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Preserving the Earth Today and Tomorrow

Our green St. Johns preschool has even been featured on News4Jax, the St. Johns, FL, news station, for using essential oils in classrooms. These are diffused throughout the day and used in cleaners and our special sanitizing solutions. We don’t use bleach or any other harsh chemicals; only pleasant smells are allowed in our school. During nap time, we use calming oils like lavender to help the kids get to sleep, and we also keep them healthy during flu season by using On Guard to fight germs.

What we hope is that by teaching kids to respect the earth and go green at a young age, they’ll continue to be environmentally responsible their whole lives. Our future depends on protecting our planet, and teaching sustainability in childcare is the first step. Research is even beginning to see a trend in green schools of raised test scores and improved health, so everyone benefits.

Our Lessons Are Long Lasting

Students are always our first priority, and teaching eco-friendly practices empowers them to make smart choices that have a positive impact. In a time when children have become alarmingly disconnected from nature and the great outdoors, this is more important than ever. No child at our daycare will be sitting in front of a TV or computer all day; we get them moving around and playing outside so they can stay healthy and appreciate the world around them.

There are so many ways that even young children can do their part. Contact daycare in Jacksonville, FL to learn about them.