Reggio Emilia Approach

We Adhere to a Quality Curriculum

What sets us apart from other St. Johns, FL, schools is that we follow a Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. The Reggio Emilia model for preschool is considered an exemplary model of early childhood education, acting as a play-based approach with a little more teaching and structure. This is designed to work for newborns all the way up to six years old and is the basis for Google’s on-site preschool for Silicon Valley employees. In 1991, it was named one of the best systems in the world. Bartram Academy is one of the rare schools that applies this method to all of our students, from babies to four-year-olds.

Ours is known as an emergent curriculum, which is one that builds on children’s interests. This means that besides the basics, we incorporate family and community events into our lessons too. Through teacher research and adventurous project work, we study all manner of ideas, concepts, and more throughout the year. This is constantly evolving, and is a step above traditional school models.

Learning and Free Expression Through Art

Because our preschool is based on a Reggio Emilia model of learning, we consider the arts to be an essential tool for social, linguistic, and cognitive development. Children can better understand experiences by representing them in art forms ranging from painting to drama to music and puppet play. Other schools just use play as a ways of baby-sitting, but we apply it as a foundation for learning. For example, rolling paint-covered balls down a hill teaches about gravity while acting as an opportunity for creative expression at the same time.

We encourage children to express themselves through art and therefore allow them to create what they want because we want to encourage them to use their own imaginations. It’s always amazing to see what they come up with when there are no rules. Free expression and artistic enrichment do wonders for children’s growth and happiness.

Everyone Works Together, Including You

A big part of Reggio Emilia schools is collaboration in the community. Children critique, compare, negotiate, and problem solve to attain not only a sense of self but a sense of belonging in a group. This helps them to make friends, learn how to get along with others, and resolve disputes. With every day that your kids spend with us, they’ll be more prepared for the social interactions of elementary school and beyond.

Students and teachers alike work in teams, and each finished project is preserved so that you never run out of material for the family scrapbook. We help parents document these important moments in their children’s lives and encourage them to participate in discussions on the following:

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Evaluation
  • Child Development
  • School Policy

We’re confident you’ll love the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education as much as we do. Contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you more about it.